ARCCA’s Mission

The Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation (ARCCA) is a network comprised of existing regional collaboratives from across California. ARCCA’s members represent leading regional collaboratives that are already coordinating and supporting climate adaptation efforts in their own regions in order to enhance public health, protect natural systems, build economies, and improve quality of life.

Through ARCCA, member regional collaboratives have come together to amplify and solidify their individual efforts, as well as to give a stronger voice to regionalism at the state and federal levels. ARRCA members share information among regions on best practices and lessons learned; identify each region’s most innovative and successful strategies; and then determine how these strategies could be adapted to another region’s particular needs. As a result, ARRCA bolsters the efforts of member regional collaboratives and empowers those interested in forging new regional partnerships.


2016 Adaptation Legislation Tracking

Keep track of all key climate change adaptation focused bills in the 2016 legislative session in one place!